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wiger, 28 July 2010
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To You

Here's to you guys (and girls), following my adventures and posting comments. Thanks for your personal e-mails and I guess everybody's always waiting for Hendrik's reply before even starting to read the story. Since it's not possible for me to respond to all the comments and messages, I would like to say that it's great to see that I'm not doing this for the lonely internet browser (hello to you too) and I'm very happy that you enjoy reading my adventures. Good to hear that there is always a seat reserved for me when I get back. I love my beers after work, even when I'm not working. I miss the strong coffee in the afternoon and I'm definitely missing a warm hug every now and then, but for now the internet has to do. A hit against somebody's shoulder so he remembers my friendship (and his broken shoulder) or just simply drinking beer and talking....and a small bbq at the Rhine.

But here we just had the Dragonboat races. It's a great festival with teams from all over the world competing in a rowing competition. The first day, Darragh and I went to the beer garden. They had some DJ's and band performances. We had a few beers and when Darragh left, a Colombian girl (Adriana) finally had the guts to start a conversation. It seems that girls find Darragh a bit scary. Even Claire pulled her hand away when she was trying to shake his hand. Anyway, Adriana and I spent the next day, watching the dragonboats but since that became boring, we went to Victoria peak and I could finally do the walk around the peak, almost got chased by three big dogs, went back to have some dinner and got back for coffee at her place. Ofcourse I didn't want to miss the last bands, so after the coffee, I got back to the festival area. The last bands were always great fun.
The other day, two new guys entered the dorm. A smelly old guy and a Mexican guy. The Mexican guy seemed ok but Mr. Smelly was sleeping in the same bunk as I am....Now that was a very nice surprise. Actually there was another guy that came into the room. I saw that there was stuff of somebody on my bed, so I asked Mr. Smelly if it was his stuff...He said, "no, no, no" and was waving with his hands. Anyway, I put the stuff on the floor and this other guy comes in. I ask him if he put his stuff on my bed and he replies if I'm sure it's my bed...I get a bit pissed and tell him I've been staying here for at least two weeks so Hell, yeah I'm sure! He looks for another bed and I ask him if he'd been using my towel....somehow that was too much for him and he took another room and I got another towel. Better this way for both of us. Fucker, too lazy to get his own sheets and make his bed!

Anyway, there are more dorm room adventures to come. I was happily oblivious of the danger I was in. The day after the dragon boat races finished, Rene was back again and he wanted to go for some beers at the waterside again. Now we went to the east Tsim Sha Tsui promenade. There were steps that go down to the water and while we were talking, Rene almost got washed into the water due to a bigger wave. That was quite funny to see. After the beers, I finally had contact with Markéta again. An open hearted conversation, also with the necessary beers. I was a bit intoxicated when I went to sleep. There was a new guy in the dorm, a Filipino. Darragh said they steal just about everything, so look after your stuff. He looked ok though, seemed a nice guy. Anyway, I went to sleep and I was half awake when this Filipino guy was walking through the room. Still a bit hazy from the alcohol and the sleep, I scratched my lower belly and the guy was watching me. Bit weird, but anyway, I don't care I've got an itch so I scratch my under belly. He says something that sounds like "good night"...and as I'm not able to speak clearly in the early morning, I roar and put my thumb up in a way to say thanks.
Now, he comes closer to the bed and his head just stick out above the bed because I'm sleeping in the top bed. I wonder what he wants and I try to say "What?". The guy says, a bit louder now, "can I suck it?"....Wow, my slow brain is working and everything falls into it's place. He must have thought that I something else, while I was looking at him and the "good night" was "can I" after having figured that out, I slowly reply that I was just scratching. I turn around and go back to sleep. It's only when I wake up for the second time that I realise how weird this was. The Filipino was already gone by then, fortunately. Now today, even Mr. Smelly told me that he could have given me breakfast in bed....I hope he was joking because I'm getting a bit scared here. But luckily a received a message that my Guardian Angel is watching over me.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to the concert of Slash and also Nicole (The Canadian girl from Xi'an)is going to come to HK tomorrow. I'm looking forward to it!

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28 July 2010

Wiger, altijd al een enorme player geweest! En ja, als je jeuk hebt moet je krabben Smile


29 July 2010

Off course Wiger...., just scratching aye?

He was probably just a hungry man, craving for some porridge. How could you deny him his meal?

Have fun at the concert!


1 August 2010


2 August 2010

I used to think bedtime stories were fun, but after this one I'm done with them. Maybe I just got old today Very Happy


5 August 2010


Mhuhahaha you were born old...


9 August 2010

't Is wel lang stil nu...


9 August 2010

Maybe his eloquence is back to China to find te lost identity?


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