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wiger, 19 July 2010
Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong 35°

New Room Mates

I'm taking it slow, planning maybe one thing to do in a day. Charlie left the hostel and he made room for some other frequent visitors of the hostel. A Czech trader and an Irish youngster (that doesn't drink like the Irish do).

Somewhere vague I remember seeing a poster of Slash on the night after the boat party. Would he be performing in HK while I'm here? Probably not, because that would be a very big coincidence since I've been a fan of him since 1990 and never got the chance to see him.
Claire told me that since I had lost my Lonely Planet, I should go to the tourist office, where she works, and get some free info on the city so I know what to do these next few days. I went there and actually got a lot of useful information. Even on the concert of Slash, they could fill me in. He's going to play the 29th of July....damn....that is in two weeks. I should stay for that. It's expensive, like everything in HK, but this is an opportunity that is just thrown in my lap that I cannot miss.

I discovered that the museums here have free entry on Wednesdays, so the next day I went to a few of them. It was flaming hot that day and at the Maritime museum, which was partly outside, they even put warning signals out for the heat. A quick scan through that museum showed me that the Brittish weren't really the nice guys that they appear to be in some history books. Good to know a bit of the history of HK anyway. Then there was the space museum and the art museum. The art museum contained a lot of the same things as the Shanghai museum and in the space museum there were just a shitload of kids running and screeming. Oh well, it kills a day.
A new day, a new thing to do...well, they have this bridge here, supposedly one of the largest hanging bridges in the world, so I go there. The Tsing Ma bridge is quite impressive to be honest and there is a very nice view over the sea here.
Claire had asked me if I wanted to join them in some Karaoke singing. Ofcourse I was happy to join them because it's supposed to be quite different here (and ofcourse if you want to get to know the culture, you have to join). They rent these small rooms with big screens and then they just drink, eat and sing with a small group of friends. We went there with two of her friends. I'm ashamed to say that actually, it wasn't that bad.....
Claire also invited me to a movie here, the Twilight movie. Nice movie, but these fuckin' people here in HK! They put the airco at the maximum, so I was freezing my ass off during this movie. I'm actually catching a cold now because in the shopping centres it would be around 20 degrees, while outside it's 34 degrees. That's a change of about 15 degrees and you get that constantly. When you pass a shop you get goose bumps, not because you're a shopping addict like some girls may be, but just because of the cold breeze!
Anyway, I'm losing track of the story here. After the movie, we went into the park where Claire has to organise a wine & dine festival. The park gives a nice view over Victoria Harbour, especially at night. It's good to know someone that lives in HK to show you around. I'd never have found this place by myself and it's quiet here as well so you can really enjoy the view with about 20 people around you instead of a thousand.

There is a typhoon warning out. A nice day to go and play outside, I'd say. It seems that typhoons hit HK frequently in summer and I intended to go ride the mid-levels escalators and to go to the Nan Lian garden. There was a tourist route to get there that went past the last gas lamps of HK and fuck me, really, the part where I was supposed to take the escalators (and these things are huge), they were in I had to take the stairs. But Murphy just can't get a good hold on me because when I went to the Garden, it was pooring down. Just when I left the MTR station, it stopped raining. In the garden there were signs warning for the typhoon, but it was nice and quiet inside and there was no wind at all. Great, I want more of these signs!

We have a new arrival in the dorm, he's also a frequent visitor of the hostel. I'm sitting in the lower bed and I sleep in the upper, since there is enough space here anyway. Now this guy comes in and he's a bit older, in his 50s. He asks if any of the beds are free and Darragh (the Irish) and me tell him that the upper ones are free accept for the one where I'm sitting, because there the lower one is free. He tells me I'm sitting on his bed...and says he's only joking...fuck if that's the level of jokes, he's gonna be a pain in the ass!
He says his name is Rene and he's a courier from Canada. He's quite a talker and I try to stay away a bit, let Darragh talk to him. He asks a lot of questions and it's impossible to ignore him. He wants to get a drink in "the garden" of this garden hostel and...well, that's what I wanna do anyway, so why not?
Now Rene is more interesting and less annoying than I thought. He's also a guitar player and Darragh, Martin (the Czech), Rene and me have some drinks in the garden and we play the guitar a bit (Darragh is a metal guitarist). Now I didn't want to admit it bit that was great fun and I like this 50 year old guy.
The next day, Rene has to go for a short run to the Philipines but something goes wrong and he's back early. He can't really sit still and he wants to go on a ride with the ferries and he asks if Darragh and I want to join him. Now I LOVE these ferries, so ofcourse I'll join. We take the longest ferrie ride to one of the more remote islands, have a beer there and return again. A great way to spend a day.
In the evening, Rene and I go to the pier to have a beer, stare into the water and talk a bit. Now it starts to rain.....some thunder coming in...would we be at the right place and the right time to see this typhoon thingie now? But no, the thunder stops quickly and there isn't a lot of wind. We go back to the hostel and enjoy the coolness of the pooring rain that soaks the clothes. It can be so nice to get soaking wet in the rain after a hot day.
Rene will be leaving for Detroit tomorrow so when we get back to the hostel, we drink one more beer with the guys and hit the sheets.

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20 July 2010

Watch out, before you know it, he's offering you some candy and want's you to sit on his lap. Than he promises you, that you won't fall off.......


22 July 2010

Don't hit these streets too hard, they're probably even older than Rene.


25 July 2010

I doubt that.


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