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Wiger, 18 August 2010
Hong Kong Hong Kong , Hong Kong 33°

Glitches and Unevenness in Time

Time flies, that's the name of these pesky animals!
I am visiting shipping companies nowadays to find out if they carry people across the ocean. The funny thing is that even Hamburg Süd, which has a freighter travel agency, states that they are very sure that they don't provide a service like that....these companies are like a seven headed dragon and each head thinks they're the only one.
The smaller companies like Fenwick and Pacific Basin at least try to look for a solution. They're more willing to think with you and they take each customer seriously. COSCO was the worst of all. They couldn't even find the department that was responsable for shipping to Australia. Funny to see these companies from the inside for a change. It's like looking in the kitchen of a restaurant. You'll be surprised at what you find.

This company visiting takes up a lot of time, but it's ofcourse not the only thing I did this last week. I went to see some relatives here in Hong Kong. They live in Kam Shan country park, a very nice park at the edge of the city. I saw a path snaking off into the woods and that was enough to lure me in. Ofcourse it was a hot day and ofcourse I didn't have water on me...and so I accidentally went hiking without water again. The environment was very beautiful and I even took a few pictures for you guys. There was an ingenious ant bridge that I just had to remember. There were two very young trees that were connected by a vine, going straight across. Not even going up a little. Some great ant architecture there. The architect agreed to have his picture taken on the bridge specially for you guys at home.

Last saturday, I came back to the hostel from my morning shopping and there's this big guy sitting at the reception. He says: "Hey friend, how are you doing, didn't expect to see you here."
It's Charley. He's back from China to do some more business here. He immediately invites me to go kayaking with his friends and as I have no plans ever, I gladly agree to go with him. We head out to some island beach and there's some voluntary cleaning going on. Charley really likes the girls here so he agreed to help them out, cleaning the beach for a bit. There's so much junk lying around that within 5 minutes we have a garbage bag full and that's it for me. I'm not here to clean the junk of other people, I'm here to enjoy myself and go swimming. After that, they take me to a remote island where there are only a few abandoned houses and.....
a bar!
So yes, we get a few beers and get into the double canoes again. Get some food and more drinks at the beach after we got back and then old Charley still didn't have enough so we went to Wan Chai once more to have an evil concoction from Charley's Bar at 7/11 and then went into a bar with some live music.
Yesterday, Charley went missing again. The hostel owner even came looking for him. A bit weird because he's been coming here for years and his stuff is still in the room. He'll find his way back. So don't worry boys and girls. If you go to sleep now, you'll see that Charley's back safe and sound tomorrow.
Remember, a cat always lands on his feet.

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18 August 2010

Well a cat also has only 8 lives.... so maybe depleted his stock of lives and ended in a Chinese restaurant, on somebody's plate?

Is that by any change antzilla? or does the camara you're operating has such a great macro function?

back from the dead

18 August 2010

A cat has nine lives Hendrik Wink


18 August 2010

Well trust me, the cat who I saw last week, had spilled one of his life's all over the road...


19 August 2010

That has occurred so he could prove he had the guts to cross it. Wink

Wiger. Why don't you build a raft? Probably because you're lazy...

back from the dead

19 August 2010

Just one cat? I saw two dead cat in just two days! That was before I had my coffee....


20 August 2010

Maybe you should stop drinking coffee, whilst driving you car... I guess than that the kitten you ran over...., twice, would still be at one piece...


31 August 2010

It's been a while...


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