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wiger, 10 August 2010
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Big Slash vs Big Bhudda

Yeah, you're right, it's been silent for too long.
Well, let me start off with the concert of Slash. There was supposed to be a bus from right next door here to Asia World Expo, where the concert was held. I waited at the bus stop for about 5 minutes when I noticed a piece of paper in Chinese. I asked somebody what it meant and he told me there was no bus... Just when I wanted to go to the subway, a bus arrived. This one was going to the airport express (MTR) it's free and it's only for people going to the airport. I showed the driver my concert ticket and he told me to get on the bus.

Now, I tried to avoid the airport express because it costs about 100 dollar to get to the airport and Asia World Expo is on the same line, but further. Since the bus brought me to the mtr, there was no avoiding it if I wanted to be in time for the concert. You can imagine that I was happily surprised when I heard that it's only 26 dollar to go to AWE and back. When I arrived at AWE, there was an enormous queue, but I walked passed it to see what they were waiting for. It seemed like they were waiting for the ticket office. A bit strange, but ok. I went to the front, at the entrance to the concert hall. I expected it to be more busy, but like before, just a queue of 2 people wide where there could easily be 6. Needless to say that I made use of that opportunity to get close. A boy who's face was about to explode due to acne, tapped me on my shoulder. He asked me if I was waiting in line and I said yes. It appeared that he was there for 5 hours already and never got the idea of going more forward. Not my problem, but when he asked me if he could at least be in front of me when the concert started, I agreed. I told the poor guy that when the doors would open, people wouldn't be going in a nice line anymore. When the doors openen, however, people were running, but got in a line again for the next checkpoint. But at the 3rd checkpoint, a stampede began. Fences were thrown over and it was mayhem! Yeah, I'm home! Like madmen they were going to , through and over checkpoint 4 and I walked slowly that way too. They stopped me at checkpoint 4 because I was walking normally and they could finally close the gate to calm the people down. Then we were allowed into the front area. I could have taken a beer first but I didn't know it was so quiet. It looked so busy at first but it took about 15 mins before it was filled up onto the place where I wanted to see the concert. So for Slash, I didn't take any beer. Hope he's worth it! We had some local band entertain us for the first 45 mins or so and then finally the band came up. They started off with Ghost, the first song from the new album and the band played well, but it seemed that Slash needed to get into his play. Damned, i was not impressed. Myles Kennedy started off great though, what a voice! After a few songs, it looked like Slash was getting ito it and he was playing better. Then an instrumental song and that's when he finally broke loose! An amazing Godfather solo (can't imagine how I never knew this solo). Look it up on youtube. I was blown away! This is my hero, this is the Slash I came for. After that, there was no stopping him. I enjoyed it to the fullest and I was happy that I got that chance to see the legend at least once in my life.
After the concert, I thought I needed a beer but the beer was sold out! So I got back on the mtr and walked the last part home because I missed the last connection.

The next day, I met with Nicole (the Canadian girl that I met in Xi'an) because she had just arrived in HK. She asked me if I could show her around, but I thought she knew the place better than I did. I took her to the Nan Lian garden and that's when Adriana (from Colombia)gave me a call. She wanted to meet up and I told her she could join us for some dinner. However, when we came to pick her up, she acted strange. Like she didn't expect me. Anyway, we had sushi with the three of us, not the best sushi, but still good sushi. Ofcourse, the women wanted to go out and who am I to resist. We went out in Lan Kwai Fong, the popular area, lost a lot of money, got drunk and took a taxi home. I had to bring miss Colombia to her hotel because she didn't know the way. Almost got stuck, but managed to find my way back and went to Mc Donalds for breakfast before going to sleep. The next day, Nicole, Darragh and me went to the beach. Another beach again, this time on an island. It was very dirty water, but if you went further from the coast, the water was less polluted. At the end of the day, I discovered a Kebab place. Now that's what I needed, some nice kebab. Actually it was chicken filet, but they called it kebab and who am I to fight that. Meat=meat. Nicole had met a girl that was working in the Wan Chai area, so she wanted to go out there. I could use a drink and Darragh knew the area there. He said that it's the dirty area with hookers and so forth so he'd love to join. It was really what you expect, neon with naked ladies and all. We boozed up at 7/11 and then went to a joint with live music. Got drunk, went home, you know the drill by now.

I had a few deep conversations with Nicole. That's something I missed from The Netherlands (or Czech Republic). People you trust and with whom you can talk about everything. Never thought I'd make friends on my travels. She went to Australia after a few days. She's gonna work as a hair stylist in Melbourne and start a new life there. Maybe one day, I'll drop by to get some extensions in the hairs on my back but for now I'll just have to do with the few short hairs that I have.

I couldn't sit still, so while scanning the internet for shipping companies and sending mails to fowarders I wanted to go an see Bhudda. Not just any old Bhudda, but the big Bhudda. Now I've seen two big Bhuddas already. One in Mongolia and one in China, but this is Hong Kong, so I have to see a big Bhudda. They were supposed to have martial arts shows, but I didn't see them. Probably ninja's, walking right behind me untill I turned around to see if anybody was there. There was a monastery and some stairs to the big Bhudda. It was a hot day...what else is new...and I wanted to see the inside of Bhudda as well, but you had to buy water and an ice cream to get in. Weird people, these bhuddists. The inside was a waste of water and ice cream, but it was nice to have something cold. At the monastery, there were weird signs that made me feel uncomfortable (picture).
But when I got out, I saw the path of wisdom! The good thing was that it only takes 15 mins. I'm already fantasising about Wiger the Wise and how he's gonna descend the big mountain. I found the path, but was distracted by big butterflies (about twice the size of the ones in NL). Nevertheless, I ended up in a small area where they had put several wooden pillars with Chinese writing. So I learn. You should have taken Mandarin lessons before going on this big quest for wisdom.

Then all of a sudden, something catches my eye. I chase after it to get my eye back and see a sign that says Lantau Peak....I love peaks so I go out to find that thing. It shouldn't be that far I assume. I'm walking up and up...the sun is burning, it's about 35 degrees and the 0.5L water bottle that I was obligated to buy (luckily) was already half empty when I started the way up. Halfway up I thought I was almost there and I met some people that were also going up (I thought they were going down because I met them). I have 5 sips water in the bottle and I'm looking for cover from the sun whenever I take a break. I won't stop untill I get to the top. Then I meet Miss Luck in the form of clouds that creep over the mountain side. I take off my sweaty, wet shirt and put my arms in the air to enjoy the freshness of the clouds. I take two sips of water because I know that with these clouds, I don't need a lot of water anymore. I meet a family of three that are also climbing this path and when I arrive at the top and enjoy my peace and quiet, they catch up with me again. They tell me that if I continue, there will be a bus stop and I'd rather take a different way back than the one I took to get there, just to have a different view. When we go down, there's this guy, a real sportsman that wants us to take water and energy drink from him. I politely refuse although he claims it's a matter of life and death. No way I'm gonna take his water and energy drink when I still have two sips of water. So I tell him that I still have some and he gives the water and energy drink to the family of three. They are slow and I am enjoying myself so I go a bit faster, jumping down every now and then. Before Iknow it, they're out of sight again but the son is bored and makes his way to me again. Talking about school and things to a stranger which is me. Some people need a person to listen to them once in a while, a person that they never see again to make sure that nobody knows. At the end of the path, we waited for his parents and I took my last two sips because the boy refused after asking him twice if he wanted the water. We went on different buses and I had a magnificent meal at the food court of Tung Chung that was a nice finish. And I learned while I was wathing the kids play in the fountain, that I should take a bit more water and use sun screen next time I go and visit this peak.
To take the Path of Wisdom is like riding a bicycle, it makes you tired.

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10 August 2010

That plant is doing a great job, covering up the last 'no' Very Happy


10 August 2010

But hell you did become wiser, twice actually...

When you went to the hookers, did you bring your guitar to lure them?


10 August 2010

Big Slash vs Big Bhudda

Who won?


10 August 2010

Hihi! Listening to the radio while reading your blog and they're playing Slash - ghost. BTW, saw Slash on Pinkpop last year Razz


11 August 2010

I was actually hoping for another exciting account of your homosexual adventures.


12 August 2010

Johnny, those are late night back door stories, that's a complete different site, you'll need to be at least 25 to enter that site, but it's better to stay away from it, cause the picture's wanna make you vomit and commit suicide.


17 August 2010

I'm sorry Hendrik, but I wasn't referring to YOUR homosexual accounts...


1 September 2010

Me neither Johnny, why should I refer to something you so gladly participated in and thus know all about?

By the way, both account's are closed, due explicit material.


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